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Obbligato™ designs, manufactures and offers products that significantly enhance the sound of stringed instruments.

Our current focus is acoustic guitar saddles, guitar bridges and nuts, violin bridges and guitar picks.

Many of our products feature the use of our unique and patented pyrocarbon material.

This material is a very specialized form of carbon. There are many forms of carbon ranging from graphite to diamond. Our pyrocarbon is not graphite, nor is it a carbon-fiber composite, versions of carbon typically used for musical instruments. It is a highly engineered form of carbon requiring specialized equipment to produce. While, unfortunately, expensive to produce, the random, fine grain structure of our pyrocarbon provides a very efficient means to create or transmit desired string harmonics of a musical instrument.

Our products are produced in the U.S.A.




Obbligato: (ä-blə-ˈgä-tō)"Not to be left out; indispensable. An integral part of a musical composition
Obbligato, Inc.™ and New Life for Favorite Instruments™ are trademarks of Obbligato, Inc.

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